Where to Find Live Music in Austin, Texas?

If you are in Austin, Texas and you are passing the days visiting boring museum-you might want some fun! And to afford you that, Austin has many live music venues especially for the nights! You can check it out and know where to find your music taste and enjoy music this vacation!


Antone’s Nightclub

Whenever you are in Austin, TX, and if you ask the locals about live music, the first thing that will be on their list is Anton’s Nightclub. Nightlife in Austin is amazing and more incredible is their music! Events are running every night.


All you need to do is go to their site and purchase tickets before you visit. Along with soothing night live music, you will get food available there to serve both your ears and the stomach!

Cedar Street Courtyard

The name is already cool; we can assure you the music will blow your mind too! If you are interested in live music, you can visit the Cedar Street Courtyard, The best part is, and they have outdoor stage ready for their nightlives.


And when you plan to listen to music treating your belly, go through the 4 inside bars of this place. The best local talents are portrayed here and so, you will enjoy the local music taste of Texas too! To go for crazy live music, this is the perfect place!


Historic Scoot Inn

Another live music venue in Austin, TX is this Historic Scoot Inn. This was established back in 1871. With the taste of live music, you are surely going to love their beer. In central Texas, they serve you the oldest running beer joint! The ambiance is lovely. You with your beloved person can sit and feel relaxed listening to their music.


It’s one of the iconic East Austin, TX landmarks so far! And the bands that perform here are very carefully chosen to keep the customer’s music taste in mind! Not visiting this place will be a mistake you don’t want to make!


Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

When you want to enjoy live music just like the concerts and also to have fun like the bar, this can be the right deal for you! This local bar will provide you with live music with outcompeting taste! And besides music, you will get special cocktails to keep your heart go on!


The best part is the dueling piano shows that you get to enjoy if you visit the place. It is like a music-driven party and if you are enjoying a party night with your family and close ones, it is a must-visit place!


Kenny Dorham’s Backyard Diverse Arts

If you are on a vacation with your dog and your heart is aching to leave the dog in the hotel room, go and enjoy Kenny Dorham’s Backyard because it is dog-friendly. The place is not like the other party places; instead, it is more like a family-friendly area.


You can visit it with your friends and also with your family and kids. The ambiance is homely and the music venue will make you feel calm and relaxed.


Never going to lie, Austin is a place of music and tradition. You will surely love to go through the music venues and enjoy live music. They offer both party places along with the homely places. This makes it the best tourist spot for both family and friends!…

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7 Tips for Party Ready Lovers

Love for parties is always fun unless you plan a party! Yes, arranging a party is not easy. From the cleaning to the food, lighting to the music-when they all come together, you might get nervous!


And this is when you’ll do mistakes! So, here are some tips and tricks that can help you relax a bit! Stay tuned!


Focus on Food

Whenever you are there to host a party, the focus should be on food. It’s not necessary to make a lot of food rather stick to two to three foods that everyone can eat. And to fill up the table, you can rely on the low-key items. Go for chips, fruits, and dip. Stop spending too much time on vacuum cleaning and making the house look perfect, nobody is going to notice much!

Paper Product for the Ease

You might love your ceramic plate to serve the main dish. Yes, Pinterest party tables look incredible! But that’s not what’s going to save you after the party! They say planning and getting ready for the party is easier than dealing with the after-party details. And this is the reason you should be practical and pick up paper products. After serving and eating, you can easily throw them without spending your time cleaning them! Don’t work hard, work smart!


The Music Taste

Another amazing fact that can make the party go fun and cool is the music. Depending on the reason to throw the party, select your music taste beforehand. Ensure that the speakers are fine and the music is just enough loud to bring the fun but not to disturb the neighbors!


The Decor

As we said, you don’t need to settle for too much cleaning; you can spend that time making the decoration. Some small party decor items can make it look better-none can deny it! In that case, we will vouch for some added balloons. You can add the bouquet flowers and paper straws to make the table all about EVERYTHING NICE!


Let them Help!

You hosting a party doesn’t mean you have to do everything! To make the party more homely and reduce the rest, let the people in the part help you a bit. It can be your kids, partner, or your friends and family! When they arrive soon, you can ask for the people present in the part to help you decorate the table! This will make them feel better, trust us!

Invite the Right People

This tip for the party-ready lovers is never going wrong ever! No matter how presentably you plan the party, if you are not able to pick up the right people for it, it will flop. The best thing is to make a list of your close ones beforehand so that you do not miss anyone. Also, try not to invite people that are going to ruin the peace of your mind!



A party is not always perfect, mostly it isn’t. Things might go wrong. We should tell you that some specific things usually go wrong. But that’s okay! You have to be prepared that if things go wrong, you won’t panic. We all know that planning a party can be tough. It is better to find a solution than to feel bad when something doesn’t work or works imperfectly, isn’t it?


Follow the tricks and you are never going to be afraid of throwing a party. Party should be all about fun and amusements, not about worries! So, relax and let’s see what’s happens!…

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5 Destinations for Crazy Evenings in Texas

Amusement and Texas are correlated-yes, tourists will know! It is more or less three times larger than the UK, a state of diverse landscapes and dissimilar climates! From the west to the east, you can never rest if you visit Texas because there are hundreds of places to visit.


But if you want to enjoy the nightlife of Texas, we can help you out! Take a look!


Space Centre Houston

If you are a tourist in Texas and the plan is to visit the coolest places there, one of them is the Space Centre Houston. Even if you are not interested in space, you can enjoy your evening having a lot of amusements here. With a partner or with yours, visiting the place will go crazy because it is designed for people of all ages!


You will see moon rocks and the artifacts people have collected from Apollo and Mercury. Getting to know about NASA’s projects is a plus here. The Saturn V rocket, astronaut outfit- you cannot expect to miss it!

San Antonio River Walk

When the plan is to enjoy a pretty walk with your beloved, San Antonio takes the stage. The vibrancy of the area will delight your evening. Along with this, you will get several shops and hotels here to spend quality time and food.


You will see fancy dinner tours with riverboat cruises! The place is designed with a below-street-level manner and so, it makes it one of the most unique destinations in Texas.


Fort Worth Stockyards

Another place that can make you crazy during the evening is the Fort Worth Stockyards. If you want to eat Texas food and enjoy a rodeo, it will soothe your mind! You will see cattle drives there along with pro cowboys. Fort Worth Herd Experience along with the gunfight in the evening will surely tell you to stay a little longer in that place! The place is very traditional and will give you the ‘60s vibe and you are going to love it!


Houston Museum Natural Science

Let’s get back to something educational and yet exciting! The Houston Museum is another place for spending to evening incredibly. The place is humongous and it has plenty of attractions for everybody! The base of the museum is the wildlife of North America. And it also upholds Texas’s local culture! You will see 16 permanent exhibits here to spend the night fruitfully.


Esther’s Follies

Goof food over everything-if this is what you want but you want to add some craziness with it, Esther’s Follies is the best choice for you! This is a comedy club where you can laugh the whole evening with your friends and family! Also, they run theatre and performances to make the night entertaining. You will see Magician here along with some crazy political satire to hear!


Now you know why tourists love Texas! This place is full of entertainment and amusement for people of all ages! You can never ignore the charm of the place! So, before you leave for Texas, make sure you make a list of the places you will visit; there’s a lot, try to cover as much as you can!…

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